- The language of ICLPP is English. Please write your paper only in English.

- The paper should not exceed more than 5 pages. (4 pages of text and one page of reference). On your 5th page you can only add reference and not any part of the body of your text; however you can start writing the reference in an earlier page (4th page).

- Please assign the (*) sign to the corresponding author as indicated in the template

- Please download the template of  the conference and see the detailed instructions in the template. Authors are strongly advised to use this template to prepare their papers.

- Click on  (.docx)  or (.pdf) to receive the  full paper template.

- Researchers who wish to publish results of their studies in a poster format, please send us an extended abstract instead of a full paper. The extended abstract should not be less than 300 words and more than 600 words. You can download the abstract format here in (.docx) or (.pdf).


 - To be able to submit your papers, you first need to register on the website. You can receive the guidelines by clicking on (pdf).

- Please make sure that you upload two versions of your paper; One with the name of author(s) and their affiliation below the title, like the template, and one without the author(s)' name and their affiliation.

- Do not use your own name, when naming your file. (Do not write JohnSmithfullpaper as the name of your file).

Papers and posters submitted to ICLPP 2018 will undergo a double- blind review process.